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Who we are :

Ayaz Afridi is an accomplished Credit and Compliance Risk Professional with over 20 years of Retail, SME and Commercial banking experience across several geographies including the United States, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Ayaz is result-oriented with a proven track record of performance in Credit Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Anti-money Laundering, FATCA and Operational Excellence. Ayaz has an MBA in Finance from NYU Stern School of Business. with strong quantitative skills, team-building and a balanced risk/reward approach. He worked at Citibank for 14 years+ across Europe, Middle East and Africa which helped shape a Global perspective on Risk Management, Compliance and Operational Risk. 

Peter Dean has over 25 years of experience in different aspects of consumer banking risk management, with special emphasis on credit risk and fraud management. He was both the Global Director of Consumer Bank Risk Training at Citigroup and its Global Director of Fraud Management.  Peter has worked with several European, Middle East and Asian banks to develop their consumer risk training curicula and has led teams of Citigroup’s global subject matter experts in developing more than 20 consumer banking risk management courses that have been offered in 60 countries and completed by over 25,000 managers. 

John Figliozzi worked as a Senior Credit Officer and Division Credit Risk Policy Officer for Citibank and Heller Financial in the U.S. and overseas during a 30-year career that spanned consumer banking, corporate banking, asset based lending, internal audit, and cash management. John has extensive experience in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and is fluent in Spanish. His expertise is centered in risk training and re-engineering policy and processes. John also worked as a senior consultant with KPMG’s financial advisory services during which he designed and delivered a variety of risk-focused projects.

Mona Mayr has over 18 years of experience in consumer banking with expertise in credit scoring, risk management and streamlining operational processing functions.  She was a Senior Credit Risk Officer and Scoring Specialist for Citigroup for more than 18 years.  She performed international business audits across lines of business and was a member of Citigroup's Global Faculty Training Staff.  Mona has excelled at establishing senior level relationships, building and managing global cross-functional teams, credit course development and Global Credit Training for acquisition, collections, fraud, authorizations and risk management best practices.

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