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John Figliozzi

John Figliozzi worked as a Senior Credit Officer and Division Credit Risk Policy Officer for Citibank and Heller Financial in the U.S. and overseas during a 30-year career that spanned consumer banking, corporate banking, asset based lending, internal audit, and cash management. John has extensive experience in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and is fluent in Spanish. His expertise is centered in risk training and re-engineering policy and processes. John also worked as a senior consultant with KPMG’s financial advisory services during which he designed and delivered a variety of risk-focused projects.  John had the unusual distinction within Citibank of having been awarded a senior credit officer title in both consumer banking and corporate banking.

John has taught credit risk seminars in both consumer and corporate lending forums in the U.S. and throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America, including programs taught in Spanish at El Instituto de Empresas in Madrid, Spain (graduate business school) in addition to several financial institutions. He has also worked as the subject matter expert in the design of two new e-learning (interactive) programs on Fundamentals of Retail Banking, and Fraud Risk Management for major money-center institutions.


John has conducted due diligence on a finance company target behalf of an investor, designed a comprehensive loan-loss methodology for a money-transfer business, developed a collections strategy and capacity plan for an automotive captive finance company in Italy, and designed a counterparty exposure management policy for a major food products distributor.

At different times during his banking career John managed a credit scoring and analytics team, a construction and real estate workout portfolio, and an internal audit and loan review program that covered corporate, agribusiness, financial institutions, and retail banking clients.


John has a B.S. - Ed. and teaching license in English Literature from Montclair State College in New Jersey and an MBA from New York University. He also holds an International Finance Certificate awarded jointly by Hautes Etudes Comerciales (HEC) in Paris, France, and the London Business School in London, England.  Besides English and Spanish John is also conversant in and reads (limited fluency) German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, and Italian.

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