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Day 1

Session I

  • Understanding the Turkey Macro-economic environment and challenges

  • Economic impact of flooding the market with credit

  • Impact of Digitalization to the Turkish economy

Q&A followed by Round-table discussion


Session II

  • Digitizing the loan & income verification process. 

  • Impact of Fintech on the Turkish Banking sector

  • Fraud in a Digitized World – Retooling fraud management strategies. 

  • Business Process Outsourcing – Competitive advantage

Case studies discussion led by FICO Expert, ex Citibank Global Head of fraud and CEO Tempo Outsourcing

Session III

  • Credit Bureaus; Application Score Design

  • Global Empirical Evidence of their benefits

  • Challenges faced by Banks today

    • Adverse Selection / Moral Hazard

    • Challenges /Future Plans

  • Psychometric Scoring by Innovative Assessment

Q&A followed by Roundtable discussion

Day 2

Session I

  • Managing Fraud while waiting for the Ideal Fraud management environment

  • Countermeasures you can use today to mitigate sophisticated fraud attacks, 

  • Integrating fraud detection results and transitioning from fraud management minimum standards to best practices! 

Case Study:  Responding to today’s digital fraud attack with yesterday’s fraud management tools


Session II

  • Customer programs- Loyalty/Retention/ attrition Management

  • Risk-based Pricing / Bundled Products / Net customer Profitability

Group Exercise – Delegates will review a real-life situation in credit cards and come up with proposals to manage retention and an increasing competitive market

Session III

  • Collection and Recovery Module

Case Study:  Evaluating an actual cost/benefit of outsourcing parts of Collections & Recoveries. 

  • Group Exercises developing product benchmarks to predict future losses in a stressed environment. 

Closing - Seminar Adjourns

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