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Risk Analytics

Designed to develop analytical thinking skills to more effectively identify the root cause of business issues and opportunities by distinguishing between: facts vs. opinions vs. personal feelings; judgments vs. inferences; and, objective vs. subjective conclusions.


Program Objectives: 


  • Demonstrate the ability to use the Risk Analytics Model to determine the most efficient method for developing data-derived answers to management inquiries

  • Develop a trouble-shooting skills to efficiently eliminating possibilities to arrive at the root cause of issues and opportunities

  • Demonstrate proficiency in performing data base analysis

  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to prepare for and be effective in  a senior credit risk review:

    • Use high level MIS to identify performance variances

    • Use data mining to understand what is driving the variances

    • Use MIS to identify the causes of the variances


Who Should Attend:


  • Manages new to the data analytics

  • Credit Risk and business staff who use the output of the analytics staff

  • Analytics staff who are new to the credit risk area

  • Compliance officers, internal auditors and operational risk managers


Course Delivery:

  • Core techniques:  Lecture, group exercises and case studies

  • Additional options:  computer simulation, pre-course readings, daily and final exams

  • Duration:  Two to four days, depending on topics covered and delivery methods


Course Delivery Options:


  • Client can include special topics presented by its staff

  • Use of daily and final exams to test knowledge and identify areas for special focus

  • Pre-course assignments to cover basics information outside of the classroom.

  • On-site consulting by the instructor immediately after the course or as a follow-up to the course

  • Remote follow-ups and participation by the instructor after the course

  • Train-the-Trainer of the client’s staff to conduct future offerings of the course

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