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Mona Mayr

Mona Mayr has over 18 years of experience in consumer banking with expertise in credit scoring, risk management and streamlining operational processing functions.  She was a Senior Credit Risk Officer and Scoring Specialist for Citigroup for more than 18 years.  She performed international business audits across lines of business and was a member of Citigroup's Global Faculty Training Staff.

Mona has excelled at establishing senior level relationships, building and managing global cross-functional teams, credit course development and Global Credit Training for acquisition, collections, fraud, authorizations and risk management best practices.  Mona was specifically responsible for credit scoring development, implementation, usage and strategies for multiple business lines and products across Citigroup's global network.  Mona has built and supervised the development of internal models and the usage of industry credit scoring models for the consumer bank (retail and small business) and was directly responsible for the retail bank's 'on-line' credit decisioning policies optimizing credit bureau information and credit scoring strategies. Mona is an 'inventor on record' for two patents: 'Performing On-Line Credit Reviews and Approvals' and 'Customer Relationship Value Tags'.

Recognized with the proven ability to analyze operational activities, identify deficiencies and opportunities and then develop/implement cost effective solutions resulting in cost reduction productivity improvement and risk mitigation.  During Mona's tenure with Citigroup she developed and delivered numerous training courses in the fundamentals of credit, charge authorization and credit scoring (credit and behavior scoring). She personally delivered the global risk management training courses throughout the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Russia.

As a subject matter expert Mona worked very closely with the OTS, OCC and FDIC regulators to enhance their understanding of credit scoring principles and strategies through presentations and training.

For the acquisition of an international business operation in eight European countries, Mona, as Interim Director of Credit, mitigated portfolio risk through the revision of credit policies, scoring strategies, staffing and resolution of financial reconciliation issues.  As an independent Risk Management Consultant, Mona has delivered strategy assessment and credit risk management solutions to senior executives as well as providing credit trend analysis for private equity firms and investment banks across industry sectors.  Mona has an MBA in International Finance from Loyola University, Chicago and a BA in German, Business/French from Western Illinois University.  

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