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Credit and Risk 

Designed to provide an understanding of the credit cycle and how to apply its concepts and best practices to the major retail credit business:  auto lending and leasing, cards, personal loans, mortgage lending and other retail credit businesses.


Program Objectives:


  • Develop an understanding of how the Credit Cycle is used as a conceptual tool to plan, manage and grow consumer credit businesses;

  • Demonstrate and apply the concept of risk / reward tradeoffs used to optimize credit performance in achieving sustainable business profitability.

  • Understand how to manage in high volume, low loan size consumer credit businesses while being in compliance with all regulating authorities;

  • Develop a thorough understanding of consumer lending Credit Culture and the technical credit  language used to communicate between functional areas; and,

  • Develop a high level understanding of the credit and profit dynamics of the major

  • consumer credit businesses:

    • Auto

    • Cards

    • Consumer Finance

    • Mortgage


Who should attend:   

  • Business Managers responsible for retail credit businesses

  • Sales, Credit, Operations and other staff supporting the retail credit business

  • Compliance officers, internal auditors and operational risk managers

  • Marketing team, fraud managers and collection managers


Course Delivery:

  • Core techniques:  Lecture, group exercises and case studies

  • Additional options:  computer simulation, pre-course readings, daily and final exams

  • Duration:  Two to four days, depending on topics covered and delivery methods


Course Delivery Options:

  • Client can include special topics presented by its staff

  • Use of daily and final exams to test knowledge and identify areas for special focus

  • Pre-course assignments to cover basics information outside of the classroom.

  • On-site consulting by the instructor immediately after the course or as a follow-up to the course

  • Remote follow-ups and participation by the instructor after the course

  • Train-the-Trainer of the client’s staff to conduct future offerings of the course

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