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Bureau workshop

This course is designed to help participants optimize bureau use, and develop more effective marketing, policy and collection strategies. Using lectures, subject matter experts, case studies and a simulation game, participants will become equipped to optimize business results by increasing market share and profitability while reducing risk


Program Objectives:


  • A practical training to help: Understand how to optimize bureau use, Reduce credit processing expenses, Gain insight on bureau best practices.  Through simulation and case studies, participants will learn how to drive efficiency and reduce turn-around-times as well as how to use Bureau in marketing, sales and x-sell.  


Who should attend:   


  • Policy managers; Credit underwriters; Product Managers; Marketing and Sales managers; Account maintenance managers; Credit operations managers; Fraud managers; Collection managers

  • Please note that this is designed for people who are new to scoring or want to understand how scoring and bureau scores work and not for score specialists.  

Course Delivery:

  • Core techniques:  Lecture, group exercises, simulation and case studies

  • Additional options:  pre-course readings, daily and final exams

  • Duration:  Two to four days, depending on topics covered and delivery methods

Course Delivery Options:

  • Client can include special topics presented by its staff

  • Use of daily and final exams to test knowledge and identify areas for special focus

  • Pre-course assignments to cover basics information outside of the classroom.

  • On-site consulting by the instructor immediately after the course or as a follow-up

  • Remote follow-ups and participation by the instructor after the course

  • Train-the-Trainer of the client’s staff to conduct future offerings of the course

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