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Business Analytics and Writing

·         March 16, 2018 (1 day)              Singapore

·         April 19, 2018  (1 day)                Dubai, UAE

This is a hands-on, intensive course that will teach delegates how to convert data into information and communicate information in a clear concise manner to colleagues and senior management.


Program Objectives: 


  • Basic analytical English writing skills.

  • Ability to analyze and interpret numerical tables, charts and graphics, and communicate the analysis completely and concisely.

  • Use of bullet points to communicate important facts and ideas.

  • Ability to distinguish between what is important and not important to the senior manager reader.

  • Ability to critique writing and provide feedback to areas providing input to Monthly Credit Letters and Product Approval Programs.


Who should attend:


Managers who:

  • Provide input for monthly credit, operations and other business reports;

  • Compose written analysis and commentary for monthly reports

  • Critique and improve input for monthly reports from key functional areas.


Teaching Methods:

  • Lecture, individual computer-based exercises, instructor feedback

  • Final exam and business-related project


Course Delivery:

  • Core techniques:  Lecture, group exercises and case studies

  • Additional options:  computer simulation, pre-course readings, daily and final exams

  • Duration:  Two to four days, depending on topics covered and delivery methods


Course Delivery Options:

  • Client can include special topics presented by its staff

  • Use of daily and final exams to test knowledge and identify areas for special focus

  • Pre-course assignments to cover basics information outside of the classroom.

  • On-site consulting by the instructor immediately after the course or as a follow-up

  • Remote follow-ups and participation by the instructor after the course

  • Train-the-Trainer of the client’s staff to conduct future offerings of the course

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